Minehead Harbour Fest

The Minehead RNLI Raft Race is now part of the Minehead Harbour Fest. A weekend of music, fun on the water and all based around Minehead Harbour.

Harbour Fest 2017 Weekend 12th and 13th August.

Raft Race Sunday 13th August at about midday (details to follow)

RNLI Minehead

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Spring arrived on Exmoor this week...!

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Minehead harbour this time last year

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Another big reminder of why we do HarbourFest and all the other amazing fundraising work that goes on. ...

RNLI Press release below; please note this was a fantastic team effort by local Police, Watchet Coastguards, Coastguard Search and Rescue Helicopter, and in particular Lynmouth Coastguards who did a fantastic job getting to the lady by scrambling down the cliff in some pretty horrible conditions. RNLI Press Release - March 19 Lifeboatmen scale cliffs to rescue stranded woman A 25-year old woman is recovering after being rescued from one of the most inaccessible parts of the Somerset coastline by Minehead’s volunteer RNLI crew. She was reported missing from her home in Taunton late on Saturday and Minehead’s two lifeboats were launched just after 10 pm to search the coast towards Porlock. Within minutes the woman had been spotted stuck in a waterfall partway up scrub-covered 800-feet cliffs. Conditions were too rough to allow the station’s D class lifeboat to beach on the boulders beneath her but helmsman Jim Whittaker swam ashore and managed to climb up to the woman as coastguard teams from Watchet and Lynton tried to reach her from above. A coastguard helicopter arrived from South Wales and illuminated the scene with a searchlight. Helmsman Phil Sanderson also swam ashore from Minehead’s Atlantic 85 lifeboat and joined in the attempts to get the woman to safety. “It was just too difficult for the coastguards to get her up the cliff through the undergrowth and the helicopter couldn’t get in close enough to winch her off,” he said. “In the end we got her down to the beach, the D class crew dropped their anchor and brought the boat in among the rocks and we managed to get her off.” The woman was taken back to Minehead harbour and handed over to ambulance personnel. Minehead RNLI chairman Bryan Stoner said the crew deserved congratulating for a ‘textbook’ rescue. “This is possibly one of the most dangerous stretches of coastline in the entire Bristol Channel,” he said. “Only a lifeboat crew with all the right skills and experience could ever get in to this location, where you have an almost sheer cliff with huge boulders at its feet. “But even then this mission clearly pushed their abilities to the limits. Thanks to outstanding teamwork and the backing of the coastguard they were able to do a fantastic job.” ends Further information from Chris Rundle, Press Officer, RNLI Minehead 01984 639026/07786 630523

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Ugh those beaches GROSS

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Another great local event :) #westsomerset #watchetcarnival #familyfun ...

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